Do you want to be positive and live up to your potential?  Maybe you have fear or voice inside you that stop you from being a better version of yourself. Maybe you have sabetors that is stop you from living a life you deserve. maybe your profisunasom, or worried are in the way of you to thrive. Maybe you are looking for a positive mindset. No matter where you are at, now is the time to explore what’s possible.

How can I make aspiration reality? How can I achieve and make things reality? how can I stop the voice that is stopping me from achieving what i aspire for?

The one-on-one personal coaching sessions are tailored to the individual needs and potentials. Ala work with her clients in challenging the automatic negative voices and the  sabetors. She discover with the clients the current mindset and help the clients believe in themselves and change their mindset to a positive one. One that is full of exploration, innovation, perspective, and  light. Help the client live in harmony , not with fear. As a result, you become not only successful, but also happy

Yes, I want to be achieved and live my potentials

We can start working together today. A.L.A.’s services are designed to be effective for you by phone, online or in person at the private office in De Pere, Wisconsin.

What is the first step to our journey? 

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  • Pick up the phone to call or text 920-883-8122. Leave a voicemail if not one answer.

What is the result of one on one coaching? 

Ala has witnessed many rewarding transformations, and she wants to share her successful coaching practices with you.

  • Higher Positive Intelligence(PQ)
  • More happiness, less negativity
  • Better productivity
  • Achieve your potential
  • Increased confidence
  • More control over your life
  • Greater ability to achieve your goals
  • Thrive, do not just survive
  • Act out of love not fear
  • A healthier mind, body, spirit, and emotions through life equilibrium

Choose values that matter to achieve your aspirations

Here’s what A.L.A. LLC clients are saying:

“I came to Ala seeking help with anxieties and worries about my business and time management with my family. I have young children and had been struggling to find balance between work and family. Ala helped me immediately to become more organized,  focus my energy in positive directions instead of negatively (worries and anxiety). She makes you feel so comfortable and is amazing at identifying your strengths and weaknesses. I instantly realized we were brought together at the right moment and saw immediate results. I had been questioning my business’s future and how much longer I could continue handling the stresses and balance between work and family. While in my initial coaching sessions we grew our business and I felt more energy and positivity than i can remember. She gave me the tools I needed to declutter and focus. When I’m working I’m energized and in the moment, when I’m with family I’m happy and worry free. I am continuing coaching with Ala and would definitely recommend her to friends, family and anyone who wants to better themselves.”

-Jeremy A.

Coaching is for successful people who are willing to put in the work to get to where they want to go. I have been a high achieving individual most of my life, but somewhere in my late 20’s self-doubt, depression and insecurity crept into my life and was slowly squandered away my joy. I came to Ala because I wanted to believe in myself again and to re-in-still healthy habits I once had in place but had let go. Through our coaching sessions, Ala would draw out the wisdom and beauty that already existed inside of me and then help me trust and believe in that person.
Through coaching I let go of the negative things in my life and replaced them with positive things.
I separated myself from dysfunctional relationships by being assertive and believing that I deserved better.
I re-connected with old friends, re-joined activities I once loved, took initiative to make new friends and opened myself to being in a new relationship.
I stopped calling my family to complain started to call to share the wonderful things happening in my life.
I stopped believing there was something wrong with me and started focusing on all my strong qualities and then watched as others focused on my strong qualities as well.
I stopped being a perfectionist and started to just do the best I could each day.

-Jacqueline H.

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