Are you living your purpose? Maybe you don’t know your purpose yet. That’s OK. At A.L.A. there are tools we will use together to help you find clarity around your purpose, discover your unique gifts (we all have them!) and learn how you can apply your gifts to the world. With A.L.A.’s help, you truly become the expert on your journey to a better, more fulfilling life.

How do you live a life worth living? 

Knowledge is power. Start to get to know yourself more and have higher awarnews.  learn more about what you want not what other wants you to be. start naming and knowing your emotions and the reason behind them. Start managing your emotion, choose the way to act not only react. live intentionally. Increase your comfort around social circle. develop higher empathy and live fulfilled, balanced, and mindfully

Yes, I want to be inspired

We can start working together today. A.L.A.’s services are designed to be effective for you by phone, online or in person at the private office in De Pere, Wisconsin.

What is the first step to our journey? 

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What is the result of one on one coaching? 

Ala has witnessed many rewarding transformations, and she wants to share her successful coaching practices with you.

  • Higher self-awareness
  • Higher EQ
  • More happiness
  • More Empathy
  • Mindfulness
  • Increased confidence
  • More control over your life
  • Greater ability to achieve your goals
  • A healthier mind, body, spirit, and emotions through life equilibrium

Choose values that matter to achieve your aspirations

Here’s what A.L.A. LLC clients are saying:

Working with Ala assisted me in identifying how to work with personalities that I can’t always relate to.  It made aware of my surrounding and realize that I can’t do everything for everybody and be everything for everybody.  I am definitely a perfectionist and I realized that not everyone is and I can’t hold them to same expectations that I expect from myself.  I always took a lot of stress home from work because I work with customers and that have high expectations.  I have learned to close the book at the end of the work day and leave it at work.  This has provided a better home life for me.  Working with Ala has also taught me to deal with stress by releasing it through activities that I enjoy doing and sticking to those.

-Michelle B .

My coaching experience has been amazing. Ala has helped me see my true potential with my career and my inner self. It has always been there but I ignored it and really devalued myself. I feel like I have found myself again. I was missing something in my life and it was really just me. I missed myself. Loving myself and seeing all the good parts of my life. I choose who I am. Thanks to Ala’s belief in me and coaching me to continue to be the best me.

-Amiee M .

When you have experienced success in life, you have typically learned to make trade-offs and sacrifices.  Sometimes the success reinforces the choices we make and over time we define our preferences accordingly.  I have always told myself that emphasizing work over family and a social life was justified since it was creating the basis for living a good life in the first place.
Working with Ala has given me the opportunity to step back and evaluate my current as well as desired life balance and implement step-by-step changes in my thinking and actions which are moving me closer to a sustainable mix which creates a higher level of benefits.  I am no longer deferring investments into health or into maintaining and growing friendships.  Precious time spent with my family is no longer a trade-off against more important priorities, but a source of happiness which I allow myself to enjoy without discount.  And I am even becoming more productive through improved work habits and routines.
Ala has a gentle, yet clear and effective approach to guiding her clients to this “new state” in your life and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have met her and to be working with her..

-Oliver B.

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