SWOT Analysis

Don’t be intimidated by the technical-sounding term. Preparing a SWOT analysis is actually very simple. The acronym just stands for “Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.” The idea behind this exercise is to describe your company’s strategic position in those four areas. What are the greatest strengths and weaknesses of your company? Where do you see your most promising opportunities in the marketplace? What competitive threats do you need to avoid or overcome to take advantage of those opportunities?


• Native consultants • Speak the host culture • Woman • MBA • 24/7 Emergency contact • On site professional Consular • On site travel agent • Strong website with client’s accounts • Establish relationship between staff and customers. • Retuning services • Connected staff as one family • Low startup cost • Channels • Marketing budget
• Interview sills • No immigration services from the start • No tax services from the start • Contractor Real Estate Agent and Tourist Agent • High salary increase, 3% for premium employees • Home office in the first two year • Mobile app and website cost • Lack of experience • Lack of Networking

• Expand to new market • More company going abroad and doing businesses abroad • Open new office in the host cultures • Advance in Technology that makes the world one place

• Finding native Consulting for new regains • Job market in 2015 • Overseas Economy • USA Economy • Overseas frailer which will be consider our frailer • Advancement in technology force us to keep up to date, which will be costl