What changes are occurring for me personally, professionally, and athletically?

Personally – I am enjoying my relationship with [partner name ].
Personally – I am also enjoying the JOYFUL [client name] who has re-emerged.
Personally – my relationship with my family is improving. I call with happy news and am uplifting.
Personally – I am branching out and making new friends and re-connecting with old friends. Both in [state] and friends who live in other states
Professionally – I am becoming more clear and confident in my communication at work.
Professionally – I am becoming more relaxed and less bothered by the drama
Professionally – I am not letting myself get pulled into the weeds. I am focused on what needs to get done, and then enjoying the other aspects of my life
Athletically – I am becoming more confident and not such a perfectionist. I am learning to trust my inner ability more than my work ethic. Work ethic has always been my best quality.