Jeremy A

I came to Ala seeking help with anxieties and worries about my business and time management with my family. I have young children and had been struggling to find balance between work and family. Ala helped me immediately to become more organized,  focus my energy in positive directions instead of negatively (worries and anxiety). She makes you feel so comfortable and is amazing at identifying your strengths and weaknesses. I instantly realized we were brought together at the right moment and saw immediate results. I had been questioning my business’s future and how much longer I could continue handling the stresses and balance between work and family. While in my initial coaching sessions we grew our business and I felt more energy and positivity than i can remember. She gave me the tools I needed to de clutter and focus. When I’m working I’m energized and in the moment, when I’m with family I’m happy and worry free. I am continuing coaching with Ala and would definitely recommend her to friends, family and anyone who wants to better themselves.