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Are you feeling overworked and underappreciated on the job? Tired of letting someone else call the shots?Are things spinning out of control at home? Is life slipping away, while your burning desire remains on the back burner?

Aspire. Live. Achieve (A.L.A. LLC) can help.

Whether you’ve dreamed of starting a business, furthering your education, or simply getting a handle on the clutter in your life, Ala is there to get you from Point A to Point B. Stop trying to go it alone, and start working with a coach who has the analytical and problem-solving skills you’re looking for to make a life change or a career change.

The company’s name, ALA, is both Ala Aldahneem’s first name and an acronym that describes her goal for the clients she coaches: Aspire. Live. Achieve. Ala believes that you are the expert in your life. She is the coach, motivating you to aspire to something more in life. She incorporates an open-minded, empathetic approach, using cognitive behavioral coaching techniques to identify what’s stopping you from achieving your goals and determining the steps you need to take to turn your life around.

Ala values her clients’ confidentiality and respects their individuality. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and an MBA in international management. She is an experienced Global IT Business Analyst and Computer Support Specialist and is certified coach. She has nearly 10 years of experience guiding individuals through life and career changes.

Coaching with ALA, LLC begins with a complimentary, no-obligation Discovery Session to explore start-up priorities for entrepreneurs or behavior and lifestyle changes for individuals struggling with personal or professional challenges.

Contact Ala at 920-883-8122 for a free, no-obligation Discovery Session or click here to book online.



Ala is a very kind, loving, warm, understanding, and unique individual. She really takes the time to get to know you personally and work with you to achieve whatever kind of goals you set out. She is determined and resourceful. She truly embodies every characteristic that it takes to be a successful leader, mentor, and friend. I would recommend her to anyone that is searching for the next step/adventure in their life.

Kaila V

Coaching is for successful people who are willing to put in the work to get to where they want to go. I have been a high achieving individual most of my life, but somewhere in my late 20’s self-doubt, depression and insecurity crept into my life and was slowly squandered away my joy, purpose and belief. One part of my brain knew who I was and the things I was capable of achieving, but the other side of my brain was holding me back from being that person and achieving those things. I came to Ala because I wanted to believe in myself again and to re-in-still healthy habits I once had in place but had let go. Through our coaching sessions, Ala would draw out the wisdom and beauty that already existed inside of me and then help me trust and believe in that person.


Through coaching I let go of the negative things in my life and replaced them with positive things.

  • I separated myself from dysfunctional relationships by being assertive and believing that I deserved better.
  • I began to re-connect with old friends, re-joined activities I once loved, took initiative to make new friends and opened myself to being in a new relationship.
  • I stopped calling my family to complain about my life and instead began to call them each day to share something wonderful that happened to me.
  • I stopped believing that the negative things others said about me were true and started affirming positive things over myself and my life. I stopped believing there was something wrong with me and started focusing on all my strong qualities and then watched as others focused on my strong qualities as well.
  • I stopped being a perfectionist and started to just do the best I could each day

Jacqueline H