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Are you feeling overworked and underappreciated on the job? Tired of letting someone else call the shots?Are things spinning out of control at home? Is life slipping away, while your burning desire remains on the back burner?

Aspire. Live. Achieve (A.L.A. LLC) can help.

Whether you’ve dreamed of starting a business, taking an existing business to the next level, furthering your education, or simply getting a handle on the clutter in your life, Ala is there to get you from Point A to Point B. Stop trying to go it alone, and start working with a coach who has the analytical and problem-solving skills you’re looking for to make a life change or a career change.

The company’s name, ALA, is both Ala Aldahneem’s first name and an acronym that describes her goal for the clients she coaches: Aspire. Live. Achieve. Ala believes that you are the expert in your life. She is the coach, motivating you to aspire to something more in life. She incorporates an open-minded, empathetic approach, using cognitive behavioral coaching techniques to identify what’s stopping you from achieving your goals and determining the steps you need to take to turn your life around.

Ala values her clients’ confidentiality and respects their individuality. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and an MBA in international management. She is an experienced Global IT Business Analyst and Computer Support Specialist and is certified coach. She has nearly 10 years of experience guiding individuals through life and career changes.

Coaching with ALA, LLC begins with a complimentary, no-obligation Discovery Session to explore start-up priorities for entrepreneurs or behavior and lifestyle changes for individuals struggling with personal or professional challenges.

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Contact Ala at 920-883-8122 for a free, no-obligation Discovery Session or click here to book online.

Having Ala as my life and business coach was a life changing experience for me. I loved every moment, every insight and every challenge of our work. She helped me to discover my absolutely new careers goals and improve existing ones. She was so good in hearing me and leading in the right direction. She can be encouraging and motivating, she can be quiet and personable. I struggled not only in the field of career, but also in my personal life and health. Ala helped me to gain clarity in my life goals and priorities, encouraged me to love myself more and always had a supportive attitude. Ala is very professional. She has a structure for each session, has various tools to understand and explore yourself, and is always eager to adopt to your mood, requests and needs. I highly suggest Ala for everyone who feels lost or stuck on their career path, who feels helpless with kids, or who just needs some help clearing up values and going through difficulties.

J. I

I came to Ala seeking help with anxieties and worries about my business and time management with my family. I have young children and had been struggling to find balance between work and family. Ala helped me immediately to become more organized,  focus my energy in positive directions instead of negatively (worries and anxiety). She makes you feel so comfortable and is amazing at identifying your strengths and weaknesses. I instantly realized we were brought together at the right moment and saw immediate results. I had been questioning my business’s future and how much longer I could continue handling the stresses and balance between work and family. While in my initial coaching sessions we grew our business and I felt more energy and positivity than i can remember. She gave me the tools I needed to de clutter and focus. When I’m working I’m energized and in the moment, when I’m with family I’m happy and worry free. I am continuing coaching with Ala and would definitely recommend her to friends, family and anyone who wants to better themselves.

Jeremy A