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Are you looking to be a better version of yourself? Maybe you want better balance. A new career. Follow-though on what matters to you. A positive mindset. No matter where you are at, now is the time to explore what’s possible.


Are you living your purpose? Maybe you don’t know your purpose yet. That’s OK. At A.L.A. there are tools we will use together to help you find clarity around your purpose, discover your unique gifts (we all have them!) and learn how you can apply your gifts to the world. With A.L.A.’s help, you truly become the expert on your journey to a better, more fulfilling life.


Do you know how to get there? Maybe not yet. But A.L.A. can help.  Maybe you’re already aware of the roadblocks in your life to achieving what you aspire. Accountability and motivation can help you become even more successful. A.L.A. can help you stay on-track and motivated. As a client, you’re given a private objectives page with a login that you use to communicate daily on habits, routines and affirmations you’d like to establish in your life. You choose the things you want to track, and A.L.A. follows up. The online interface makes it easy and accessible to use at the beginning or end of your day.

Meet your coach. Ala Aldahneem, MBA, is a business and life coach dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and individuals turn their ideas and aspirations into reality. Her experience in computer programming and databases offers a unique blend of support for the clients she engages with as a certified coach with nearly 10 years of experience. A native of Saudi Arabia, Ala emigrated to the U.S. in 2007 and has embraced life in her new home of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Adjusting to a new culture was an overwhelming transition at times but has given Ala a rich, global perspective. Although she enjoyed the world of IT, Ala started questioning her career choice. Like the clients she coaches, Ala identified what really matters to her in life, set new goals and opened A.L.A., LLC.

Get started today. Whether you’re looking to establish positive habits and life balance, detox negativity, choose values that matter or figure out where you should be spending your time  to achieve your aspirations, we can start working together today. A.L.A.’s services are designed to be effective for you by phone, online or in person at the private office in De Pere, Wisconsin. Schedule a complimentary Discovery Session today by clicking  here

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