Monthly Group Program (January -December)

Have you set resolutions for 2021? Every year we long for a fresh start, but we end up falling back into our bad habits. We know we need to take better care of ourselves. We want to be healthier and happier, but how? How do we find more joy and energy? How can we shed a few pounds and shed a few unhealthy relationships in 2021?

Truthfully, the first step is in identifying that you want to make a change. So, don’t be hard on yourself – we all need help in taking those next steps! It can be hard to stay motivated and be accountable to ourselves; everyone goes through it.

If you are looking to make 2021 different, there is help available. With the help of a life coach in our Positive Goal Setting Group, you can structure your life and start living with awareness about your goals for the future. What are you yearning to change?  The relationship you have with yourself, your career, your family, or other things in life? As you will learn, everything in life is a relationship; everything has energy. We have relationships with ourselves, our family, with our jobs and careers, with our faith, and so much more. Our interactions with these things create different relationships, so we need to be conscious of them.

The Positive Goal Setting Group will meet on the first Tuesday of the month.  The first 10 people who register will be accepted into the group, so sign up today.  We will set goals on the first day and discover the tools we need to make this the year of positive change. Included in your registration is a monthly group meeting, a monthly challenge, goal setting instruction, group and Facebook support, and a monthly phone call from a life coach.

Space is limited, so register today by calling 920-883-8122 or emailing Go ahead, take this first step to a better you in 2021.  You’ll be glad you did!