I Hired Ala Because…

I Hired Ala Because…

Coaching Changed My Life

Coaching Changed My Life

Tell me about your working with Ala. 

I think there are some misconceptions about what coaching is. Specifically, that a coach does not tell you what do to do solve your problems.  Ala did not give me the answers but she partnered with me to unlock the answers that were right for me. Through coaching with Ala I realized that I had all the pieces to the puzzle all along and her coaching helped me to figure out how I wanted to put them all together.

How has the use of coaching improved your business and/or personal life?

Ala challenged my thinking and explored my values and beliefs to get at the essence of what really matters to me. This included determining what I want to do in my life, why I haven’t done it yet and how I want to move forward which achieving the goals I’ve set for myself.

Coaching with Ala was transformative and helped me to set myself up for success.

  • The ability to change the inner dialogue I was having with myself and limiting beliefs that were holding me back.  That created positive change in my relationship with myself as well as others.
  • Through my coaching I gained confidence and feel empowered by my own abilities to create change in my life.
  • She helped to bring new awareness to themes that kept coming up during our conversations.  She helped me reframe things I didn’t even notice.  She helped me to recognize my blind spots and brought new perspective – really holding up the proverbial mirror and reflecting back to me what she was hearing and observing.

What would you say to an individual or organization that is considering if coaching is right for them?

Set up a session with Ala to explore what coaching can do for you! Ala genuinely wants what is best for her clients and the partnership we designed was specific to my preferences and needs. Working with Ala has been one of the best investments I’ve made in myself and I absolutely would recommend working with her.

Anything else you’d like to say about Ala or working with a coach?

Personally, I think everyone deserves a coach like Ala.  Our coaching sessions created a catalyst for real change in my life both personally and professionally. Ala is a very perceptive coach and has great presence with me in our sessions – it is amazing to really be heard.

Lynn Ann P

Having Ala as my life and business coach was a life changing experience for me. I loved every moment, every insight and every challenge of our work. She helped me to discover my absolutely new careers goals and improve existing ones. She was so good in hearing me and leading in the right direction. She can be encouraging and motivating, she can be quiet and personable. I struggled not only in the field of career, but also in my personal life and health. Ala helped me to gain clarity in my life goals and priorities, encouraged me to love myself more and always had a supportive attitude. Ala is very professional. She has a structure for each session, has various tools to understand and explore yourself, and is always eager to adopt to your mood, requests and needs. I highly suggest Ala for everyone who feels lost or stuck on their career path, who feels helpless with kids, or who just needs some help clearing up values and going through difficulties.

J. I

I came to Ala seeking help with anxieties and worries about my business and time management with my family. I have young children and had been struggling to find balance between work and family. Ala helped me immediately to become more organized,  focus my energy in positive directions instead of negatively (worries and anxiety). She makes you feel so comfortable and is amazing at identifying your strengths and weaknesses. I instantly realized we were brought together at the right moment and saw immediate results. I had been questioning my business’s future and how much longer I could continue handling the stresses and balance between work and family. While in my initial coaching sessions we grew our business and I felt more energy and positivity than i can remember. She gave me the tools I needed to de clutter and focus. When I’m working I’m energized and in the moment, when I’m with family I’m happy and worry free. I am continuing coaching with Ala and would definitely recommend her to friends, family and anyone who wants to better themselves.

Jeremy A

Working with Ala assisted me in identifying how to work with personalities that I can’t always relate to.  It made aware of my surrounding and realize that I can’t do everything for everybody and be everything for everybody.  I am definitely a perfectionist and I realized that not everyone is and I can’t hold them to same expectations that I expect from myself.  I always took a lot of stress home from work because I work with customers and that have high expectations.  I have learned to close the book at the end of the work day and leave it at work.  This has provided a better home life for me.  Working with Ala has also taught me to deal with stress by releasing it through activities that I enjoy doing and sticking to those activities.

Michelle B

My coaching experience has been amazing. Ala has helped me see my true potential with my career and my inner self. It has always been there but I ignored it and really devalued myself. I feel like I have found myself again. I was missing something in my life and it was really just me. I missed myself. Loving myself and seeing all the good parts of my life. I choose who I am. Thanks to Ala’s belief in me and coaching me to continue to be the best me.

Aimee M

I have changed in many ways. I have learned how to cut the worry and have positivity in my life. Life is an amazing gift and I am so blessed to have this coaching while my kids are small so that I can be the Dad they need, and I want to be. We all have our place in this world and mine is to be a great dad, husband while still being a successful businessman. I know we will achieve our goals and enjoy doing it as a family. I’m learning how to better understand my emotions, where they come from and how to manage the negativity and be Positive!!

One Month into the individual program

I would recommend Ala and her programs to anyone who wants to be a more positive and a kinder person.  Ala cares deeply about her clients and she truly cares about people.  I went into Ala’s program with skepticism.  I wasn’t sure that her program was right for me.  I was mistaken.  Even though I still have a long way to go, I am now aware that I don’t have to go on repeating the same mistakes I have been making.  I am now aware that there is a better way to live.  Ala’s program has helped me to realize that I can choose positivity and still be assertive.


I have learned that being more positive in my daily life will help me to accomplish my goals and be a happier person.  Being a more positive person will improve my relationship with my family and friends.  I have also learned that challenging negative thoughts will help reduce anxiety in my daily life.  I would be happy to recommend Ala’s programs to anyone who is willing to commit some time to improving their outlook on life. 

Jason A

Ala is a very kind, loving, warm, understanding, and unique individual. She really takes the time to get to know you personally and work with you to achieve whatever kind of goals you set out. She is determined and resourceful. She truly embodies every characteristic that it takes to be a successful leader, mentor, and friend. I would recommend her to anyone that is searching for the next step/adventure in their life.

Kaila V