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Oliver’s result of Coaching with Ala

Client’s Journey with Ala


Outcomes of Coaching with Ala

I have changed in many ways. I have learned how to cut the worry and have positivity in my life. Life is an amazing gift and I am so blessed to have this coaching while my kids are small so that I can be the Dad they need, and I want to be. We all have our place in this world and mine is to be a great dad, husband while still being a successful businessman. I know we will achieve our goals and enjoy doing it as a family. I’m learning how to better understand my emotions, where they come from and how to manage the negativity and be Positive!!

One Month into the individual program

I would recommend Ala and her programs to anyone who wants to be a more positive and a kinder person.  Ala cares deeply about her clients and she truly cares about people.  I went into Ala’s program with skepticism.  I wasn’t sure that her program was right for me.  I was mistaken.  Even though I still have a long way to go, I am now aware that I don’t have to go on repeating the same mistakes I have been making.  I am now aware that there is a better way to live.  Ala’s program has helped me to realize that I can choose positivity and still be assertive.


I have learned that being more positive in my daily life will help me to accomplish my goals and be a happier person.  Being a more positive person will improve my relationship with my family and friends.  I have also learned that challenging negative thoughts will help reduce anxiety in my daily life.  I would be happy to recommend Ala’s programs to anyone who is willing to commit some time to improving their outlook on life. 

Jason A

Ala is a very kind, loving, warm, understanding, and unique individual. She really takes the time to get to know you personally and work with you to achieve whatever kind of goals you set out. She is determined and resourceful. She truly embodies every characteristic that it takes to be a successful leader, mentor, and friend. I would recommend her to anyone that is searching for the next step/adventure in their life.

Kaila V

Coaching is for successful people who are willing to put in the work to get to where they want to go. I have been a high achieving individual most of my life, but somewhere in my late 20’s self-doubt, depression and insecurity crept into my life and was slowly squandered away my joy, purpose and belief. One part of my brain knew who I was and the things I was capable of achieving, but the other side of my brain was holding me back from being that person and achieving those things. I came to Ala because I wanted to believe in myself again and to re-in-still healthy habits I once had in place but had let go. Through our coaching sessions, Ala would draw out the wisdom and beauty that already existed inside of me and then help me trust and believe in that person.


Through coaching I let go of the negative things in my life and replaced them with positive things.

  • I separated myself from dysfunctional relationships by being assertive and believing that I deserved better.
  • I began to re-connect with old friends, re-joined activities I once loved, took initiative to make new friends and opened myself to being in a new relationship.
  • I stopped calling my family to complain about my life and instead began to call them each day to share something wonderful that happened to me.
  • I stopped believing that the negative things others said about me were true and started affirming positive things over myself and my life. I stopped believing there was something wrong with me and started focusing on all my strong qualities and then watched as others focused on my strong qualities as well.
  • I stopped being a perfectionist and started to just do the best I could each day

Jacqueline H

What changes are occurring for me personally, professionally, and athletically?

Personally – I am enjoying my relationship with [partner name ].
Personally – I am also enjoying the JOYFUL [client name] who has re-emerged.
Personally – my relationship with my family is improving. I call with happy news and am uplifting.
Personally – I am branching out and making new friends and re-connecting with old friends. Both in [state] and friends who live in other states
Professionally – I am becoming more clear and confident in my communication at work.
Professionally – I am becoming more relaxed and less bothered by the drama
Professionally – I am not letting myself get pulled into the weeds. I am focused on what needs to get done, and then enjoying the other aspects of my life
Athletically – I am becoming more confident and not such a perfectionist. I am learning to trust my inner ability more than my work ethic. Work ethic has always been my best quality.



When I first met Ala, I was very comfortable talking to her because of her warm, positive energy! I started taking a class with her and in a few days I naturally decided to sign up with her coaching services because I knew how helpful it would be. About four months later, I’m so happy I dived into her program. She’s helped me find the change that I wanted for myself and I wouldn’t be the person I am proud of today if it wasn’t for her!

Natalie Z