I Just Had my First Sports Injury and I am Proud of it!

Hooray, I reached one of my goals! I have a sports injury. Let me explain: My goal wasn’t to get injured; my goal was to play at least one sport. As a girl growing up in Saudi Arabia, I didn’t have a chance to play sports in school or in leagues. When I came to the U.S., I felt like I had been missing something. A lot of girls and women play sports here. I think sports help people build self-esteem, and sports help shape people into better team members on the field, at work, and with friends. If you don’t play sports, that’s OK. You can build self-esteem and teamwork skills in other ways, too. I think my desire to play sports stemmed from the lack of opportunity I had as a child, but just because I wanted to play didn’t mean I was good at it. Playing sports didn’t come naturally. I failed at every sport I tried. Sometime I even sabotaged myself and acted like I had no clue what I was doing. I thought to myself: “I’m just not good at sports.” It’s what I believed for a long time. Although playing a sport was important to me, my thoughts shaped my actions, and my muscles cooperated with my beliefs. I just couldn’t do it, until one day when I sat down and wrote down what my ideal life looked like. What are the enjoyable activities I’d like to do? Then I ranked them. Playing a sport was at the top of my list. So what was stopping me from having fun playing sports? I realized: • It wasn’t a matter of fact that I can’t play sports • I had to believe in myself before I could achieve my goal The barrier to achieving my goal was all in my mind. My negative thoughts were controlling my body and my actions. Once I become aware of this, I changed the thoughts that were turning against me and preventing me from enjoying sports. Now, I proudly say that I play tennis. It brings me joy when I play, and I feel more confident in myself. Plus, I’m happy to report that I’m recovering quickly from my twisted ankle. What is stopping you from pursuing the ideal life you want for yourself? Contact me, and I can be your guide to help you Aspire, Live, and Achieve. With cognitive behavioral coaching together we can identify the barriers and strive for success. You are the expert of your life. I am the coach who provides the insight you need. Website: http://www.ala.expert phone number: 920-883-8122

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