One Year Coaching Program

As we approach the end of the year, many of us are in a time of reflection. If you feel conflicted, in a negative space, unhappy with where this year has gone, know that you can make a change. You can move toward a more positive mindset today, either in your personal life or professional career.  The A.L.A. LLC individual coaching program will help you make this change.

With the help of a coach in 2020, you can restructure your life and start living with renewed awareness of your goals for the future. What are you interested in changing? The relationship you have with yourself, your career, your family or something else in life? As you will learn, everything in life is a relationship; everything has energy. You have relationships with yourself, your, career, your faith, and so much more. Your interactions with these things create different relationships, so we need to be conscious of them.

As your coach I will help you set daily, weekly and monthly goals. I will guide you to achieve these goals and determine what obstacles might stop you from achieving them. By participating in an individual coaching program, you will learn the tools you need to overcome these obstacles.

Number of meeting is determined by your needs and your schedule. Come for a free consultation to learn the best fit. You have the possibility to meet  quarterly, one time a month, or two times a month.

You owe it to yourself to make 2020 the best year yet. Register today for the individual coaching program by calling 920-883-8122 or emailing Hurry! You can save over 10% by registering before Dec. 15.