Detoxing Negativity Program


When life goes sour or hurts spring up, thoughts turn automatically to the negative. You get stuck in a vicious cycle of negative thoughts, and you can’t seem to think positively. You turn inward, and the negativity builds. The first step to staying positive is to explore the source of negativity.

Challenge your thoughts

How can you shift from the negative thoughts to become a positive person? You strive to be happy, but negativity is stealing your joy. Negative thinking influences your emotions, affects your core belief, and limits your abilities. Negativity can also damage your interactions with others. You only have one life to live, so how can you turn things around? You must first improve your thoughts.

Add positive energy to the room

A.L.A. LLC has developed 4-week course to bring positivity back into your life. The A.L.A. LLC Detoxing Negativity Program is designed for anyone who yearns to be a positive person who adds energy to the room. The program helps you become aware of your negative thoughts and teaches you the tools to rewire your brain to be positive. 

Gain the tools that lead to positivity

The Detoxing Negativity Program provides the tools you need to get to know yourself better, discover your sources of negativity, and challenge yourself to be positive.

Detoxing Negativity Program has two elements:

  • A 1-on-one meeting with a life coach to help you identify your major struggles, discover your values, and set up your goals
  • Four 2-hour small-group meetings to help you learn ways to disengage from negative thinking and change your mindset

Ready to bring positive thinking  into your life? 

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