Letter to Myself;

Dear Ala,
I want to thank you for honoring your aspiration, living your purpose, and accomplishing anything you put your mind to. I know it was not easy at times. You went back to school in September 2019, while running your full-time coaching business, managing a household, and being a caring wife and mother.
I feel your gratitude and excitement as you get awarded the Professional Coach Certification (PCC) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). In Wisconsin there are few than 45 PCC credentialed coaches and you are now among them! Only 20 PCC credentialed in Saudi Arabia. The requirements to earn this certification include:
• completion of the ICF Accredited Coach Training Program;
• a minimum of 500 hours of coaching experience with at least 25 clients;
• completion of the Coach Knowledge Assessment.
I am proud of you for completing the training program with UW-Madison. You are a woman who loves to learn, and I love that about you. I know you are a lifelong learner.
I also want to acknowledge your commitment. It took dedication, resilience, and focus to start from zero and accumulate the required 500 coaching hours in 8 months. This was important for you as you are always challenging yourself to live with high standards and you knew these hours would be evaluated at a tremendously high level through the university. Not only did you exceed the required total hours, you were able to support 56 clients, more than double the requirement of 25.
You know Ala, you would never have been able to do any of this on your own. It is your clients who believed in you and your research-based program. It is your peer coaches who stood by you and lifted you up when you needed hands.
It is your teachers who kept up with your curiosity and never-ending questions. It is your mentor and supervising coaches who asked you the right questions, who explored things with you, and guided you to the right path.
It is your family who encouraged and supported you both through their increased efforts and emotionally while you were working double time.
It is your friends who listened to you, who supported you, and explored coaching with you.
On the behalf of Ala, I would also like to extend her appreciation to the UW- Madison program for providing her with the excellent training she received and to everyone who supported her through this journey.
It is my honor to add more letters next to her name… Congratulations Ala Aldahneem, MBA, UWCPC, PCC

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