Coaching is for successful people who are willing to put in the work to get to where they want to go. I have been a high achieving individual most of my life, but somewhere in my late 20’s self-doubt, depression and insecurity crept into my life and was slowly squandered away my joy, purpose and belief. One part of my brain knew who I was and the things I was capable of achieving, but the other side of my brain was holding me back from being that person and achieving those things. I came to Ala because I wanted to believe in myself again and to re-in-still healthy habits I once had in place but had let go. Through our coaching sessions, Ala would draw out the wisdom and beauty that already existed inside of me and then help me trust and believe in that person.


Through coaching I let go of the negative things in my life and replaced them with positive things.

  • I separated myself from dysfunctional relationships by being assertive and believing that I deserved better.
  • I began to re-connect with old friends, re-joined activities I once loved, took initiative to make new friends and opened myself to being in a new relationship.
  • I stopped calling my family to complain about my life and instead began to call them each day to share something wonderful that happened to me.
  • I stopped believing that the negative things others said about me were true and started affirming positive things over myself and my life. I stopped believing there was something wrong with me and started focusing on all my strong qualities and then watched as others focused on my strong qualities as well.
  • I stopped being a perfectionist and started to just do the best I could each day

Jacqueline H

What changes are occurring for me personally, professionally, and athletically?

Personally – I am enjoying my relationship with [partner name ].
Personally – I am also enjoying the JOYFUL [client name] who has re-emerged.
Personally – my relationship with my family is improving. I call with happy news and am uplifting.
Personally – I am branching out and making new friends and re-connecting with old friends. Both in [state] and friends who live in other states
Professionally – I am becoming more clear and confident in my communication at work.
Professionally – I am becoming more relaxed and less bothered by the drama
Professionally – I am not letting myself get pulled into the weeds. I am focused on what needs to get done, and then enjoying the other aspects of my life
Athletically – I am becoming more confident and not such a perfectionist. I am learning to trust my inner ability more than my work ethic. Work ethic has always been my best quality.



When I first met Ala, I was very comfortable talking to her because of her warm, positive energy! I started taking a class with her and in a few days I naturally decided to sign up with her coaching services because I knew how helpful it would be. About four months later, I’m so happy I dived into her program. She’s helped me find the change that I wanted for myself and I wouldn’t be the person I am proud of today if it wasn’t for her!

Natalie Z

Detox negativity was a great workshop. Great insight and information

Lynnette C

When you have experienced success in life, you have typically learned to make trade-offs and sacrifices.  Sometimes the success reinforces the choices we make and over time we define our preferences accordingly.  I have always told myself that emphasizing work over family and a social life was justified since it was creating the basis for living a good life in the first place.
Working with Ala has given me the opportunity to step back and evaluate my current as well as desired life balance and implement step-by-step changes in my thinking and actions which are moving me closer to a sustainable mix which creates a higher level of benefits.  I am no longer deferring investments into health or into maintaining and growing friendships.  Precious time spent with my family is no longer a trade-off against more important priorities, but a source of happiness which I allow myself to enjoy without discount.  And I am even becoming more productive through improved work habits and routines.
Ala has a gentle, yet clear and effective approach to guiding her clients to this “new state” in your life and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have met her and to be working with her.

Oliver B


What goal did you want to accomplish?

Decide whether I should go into business with myself or start a career.

What did you like about Ala’s approach?

She asked a lot of questions,and talked about my concerns for both scenarios. We worked through all aspects of my concerns which came up including current life issues.

What results did you achieve? 

I have decided to start my own business and have begun to resolve lifelong issues that have persisted since my youth.

What changes did the people around you notice? 

People noticed a change in the way I carried myself, and the way I talked about my path in life.  Though I have days that revert back to my old negative thoughts, I feel that I have tools to push back.

What would you say to a friend about this experience?

It was challenging yet rewarding. You do really have to want to do this for yourself, but in the end, you will not regret it.

End of Program Feedback

Ala is a very personable and friendly person who brings great encouragement when the world feels all but lost. She gives a lot of time and patience and genuinely cares about your success. She is a great listener and motivator. She is a cultivator of thoughts and ideas which and has helped me realize things I didn’t know but needed to know to grow personally and professionally.

Ryan M

I like the Following Techniques

blank white sheet of paper on beige surface with stones

Ala would try a variety of tools and was flexible in adjusting them, even letting me run with them.  She would set impulses without forcing anything onto me.  She was an additional spark in my engine, but I was still the engine and I had to provide the fuel to keep it running.

crop man grabbing climbing holds

Ala’s active listening skills are outstanding.  I can bounce a lot of ideas out during our discussions and her ability to play back what she heard and keep me on track is terrific.  She also is very empathetic, knowing when to push me and when to listen and nurture based on the topic at hand.

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Ala uses to guide you though your change. The apps that she recommends, the visuals that help you identify your road blocks as well as the visuals that help you remove them and move forward towards your goals. She helped me remove the negative energy so that more positive energy could propel me forward which in returned gave me hope, energy, and excitement.

Ala has a variety of coaching techniques and each has helped me clarify my concerns.   I believe looking at my gremlins helped me understand my emotional barriers and my past actions.  Working with my picture of me as a child helped me love myself again.   Looking ahead helped me lose my fear of the future, and gives me the opportunity to change things I don’t like.  All of these techniques, and others, were fun yet thought provoking.  We all think we understand ourselves, but in reality we need to dig deep to truly understand what makes us unhappy or fulfilled.

I Like the Following Techniques

 I did not Know … Now I Know…

self care isn t selfish signage

 So much of my distress in business and personal life is self-generated.  It is generated by my own Saboteurs.

motivational simple inscription against doubts

I did not know how much chatter there was going on in the background of my mind about my doubts and how draining that can be,  stopping that makes decisions making much easier.

black framed eyeglasses next to book

All the knowledge we need already lives inside each human-being, sometimes there is just a block that prevents us from accessing that knowledge. coaching just helps identify, unleash, validate, or highlight that knowledge. 

sticky notes on board

Many people have monetary goals and find that it’s not the root of their own happiness.  

battle black blur board game

I did not know anything about saboteurs and how they were taking control of my happiness, my positive energy and the effects on my quality of life. I did not know the power I had within myself to recognize the damage that was happening to me and how I could change my life and steer it in the direction I wanted it to be.

blue green orange and red rainbow design decoration

I did not know how to move forward.  I was in a place where I was stuck in my own doubts and fears.   I now know that I have the courage to live the rest of my life with the knowledge that I can overcome negative emotions and change my energy to be positive.  It is profoundly liberating!

white and silver chair beside clear drinking glass on glass table

Reframing the idea of “having a coach” to “having a thought partner” is amazing!  Being able to look in the mirror and see a reflection that I am proud of knowing I reflect the values that are near and dear to me.

Before Coaching…And Now

Coaching Changed My Life

woman with red umbrella standing at riverbank

By realizing I am worthy of understanding.  I would appreciate others to respect my decisions, I may need to be more patient with their decisions as well.

young female blowing huge balloon in sky

By giving me greater acceptance for who I am and it is o.k. to have goals different from other people.

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By making me more comfortable with my choices and not regret that I am no longer in an important executive role.

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By re-established healthy routines, which built confidence to achieve bigger things like a new relationship and job

woman in black shirt sitting on chair

By having time carved out just for me to talk, explore, engage and share

By allowing me to explore, consider and evaluate various alternatives through Ala’s professional guidance.  There aren’t may people I open up to but I have full trust in Ala to help me learn and grow – she is a one of a kind coach!

person taking photo of a sun hat

By focusing on the task and knowing I am able to accomplish anything I set my mind to.

dry canyon with narrow path in antelope valley

I now understand that I have my own set of tools and techniques to work with when I need them.  It is a daily practice but I now feel more in control. 

Coaching has changed my life in so many ways.  It gave me back my control of my mental and emotional well-being.  It challenges me to break old habits and to center myself in a much more calm and positive way. I feel stronger as an individual and much more positive.  I feel confident in myself.

snowy terrain against green trees

Coaching changes my life in many ways! I don’t worry as much as I used to. I am able to see the positives in situations that I couldn’t before. I am going to be able to enjoy the holidays without the sadness I had held onto. 

Coaching Changed My Life