What changes are occurring for me personally, professionally, and athletically?

Personally – I am enjoying my relationship with [partner name ].
Personally – I am also enjoying the JOYFUL [client name] who has re-emerged.
Personally – my relationship with my family is improving. I call with happy news and am uplifting.
Personally – I am branching out and making new friends and re-connecting with old friends. Both in [state] and friends who live in other states
Professionally – I am becoming more clear and confident in my communication at work.
Professionally – I am becoming more relaxed and less bothered by the drama
Professionally – I am not letting myself get pulled into the weeds. I am focused on what needs to get done, and then enjoying the other aspects of my life
Athletically – I am becoming more confident and not such a perfectionist. I am learning to trust my inner ability more than my work ethic. Work ethic has always been my best quality.



When I first met Ala, I was very comfortable talking to her because of her warm, positive energy! I started taking a class with her and in a few days I naturally decided to sign up with her coaching services because I knew how helpful it would be. About four months later, I’m so happy I dived into her program. She’s helped me find the change that I wanted for myself and I wouldn’t be the person I am proud of today if it wasn’t for her!

Natalie Z

Detox negativity was a great workshop. Great insight and information

Lynnette C

When you have experienced success in life, you have typically learned to make trade-offs and sacrifices.  Sometimes the success reinforces the choices we make and over time we define our preferences accordingly.  I have always told myself that emphasizing work over family and a social life was justified since it was creating the basis for living a good life in the first place.
Working with Ala has given me the opportunity to step back and evaluate my current as well as desired life balance and implement step-by-step changes in my thinking and actions which are moving me closer to a sustainable mix which creates a higher level of benefits.  I am no longer deferring investments into health or into maintaining and growing friendships.  Precious time spent with my family is no longer a trade-off against more important priorities, but a source of happiness which I allow myself to enjoy without discount.  And I am even becoming more productive through improved work habits and routines.
Ala has a gentle, yet clear and effective approach to guiding her clients to this “new state” in your life and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have met her and to be working with her.

Oliver B


What goal did you want to accomplish?

Decide whether I should go into business with myself or start a career.

What did you like about Ala’s approach?

She asked a lot of questions,and talked about my concerns for both scenarios. We worked through all aspects of my concerns which came up including current life issues.

What results did you achieve? 

I have decided to start my own business and have begun to resolve lifelong issues that have persisted since my youth.

What changes did the people around you notice? 

People noticed a change in the way I carried myself, and the way I talked about my path in life.  Though I have days that revert back to my old negative thoughts, I feel that I have tools to push back.

What would you say to a friend about this experience?

It was challenging yet rewarding. You do really have to want to do this for yourself, but in the end, you will not regret it.

End of Program Feedback

Ala is a very personable and friendly person who brings great encouragement when the world feels all but lost. She gives a lot of time and patience and genuinely cares about your success. She is a great listener and motivator. She is a cultivator of thoughts and ideas which and has helped me realize things I didn’t know but needed to know to grow personally and professionally.

Ryan M