My Personal Experience with Coaching is…

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 Ala has empathy and compassion for business and personal matters.  She helps you find ways to build yourself stronger, so you don’t see walls – you see a path to navigate.


I found that my coaching experience with Ala far exceeded my expectations. After finishing the PQ program with Ala, I felt an increase in positivity and self-confidence, and I discovered new ways to avoid and manage anxiety and stress.

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It was useful to have an unbiased person who did not have a specific point of view but rather was there to ensure that the client was able to find their core point of view and make a plan to act on it.

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My personal experience with coaching is…fast track to achieving your goals

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My personal experience with coaching is that you get out of it what you put into it.  Ala helps facilitate that process.

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Previously I had no coaching experiences. Ala has brought light and motivation towards my life and my goals.

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A relaxed environment, non-judge mental atmosphere and feelings that I was important.  I loved how Ala was able to interpret the things I was saying and provided direction/suggestions/ideas/different approaches to what I was feeling.

My Personal Experience with Coaching is

I Hired Ala Because…

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She was authentic, deeply caring, and made me feel that she was truly in my camp, working with me from where I was not from where some theory said I should be

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She already had specific skills and experience in working with people who were in transition in their careers.

 She listens, cares and understands.  

She is Relatable, & personable

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 She came highly recommended by a peer of mine.  He had spent time with Ala during the coaching program and came to value her style and ability to coach.

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I had a great friend who saw significant improvement in his business and lifestyle.

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I discovered that she will thoughtful challenge me while cultivating our relationship.  I didn’t want someone to tell me how wonderful I was, but rather challenge me to explore and evaluate alternatives for personal improvement.  She excels in this area and I am fully satisfied with her ability to help me learn about myself.

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To help give me direction.  How to take control of my life in what I was feeling, thinking and doing.  I needed help to find the “true me” again and my happiness and zest for life. I needed direction to stop making the same mistakes over and over again.

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Ala has a style of coaching that makes you feel secure.  She is a person who truly listens to people before responding to the information.  Ala quietly nudges you to keep searching within yourself to come up with an “a ha” moment where you better understand your emotions and behaviors. 

I Hired Ala Because

I Came to Ala Because….

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There were certain areas in my life I wanted to discuss, explore and improve on with Ala.  From the start, she was able to help me define those areas and goals and get clarity so I could explore how to improve. 

I was tired of making the same mistakes in life.  I felt life had more to offer and I couldn’t get off or change the cycle I was on.  Feelings of defeat, disheartened, unworthy were just some of the feelings weighting heavily on my heart.

I wanted to find more meaning to my life.  I needed to focus on the positive and learn to “find the gift” in past events.

I wanted to unleash my next level of potential and breakdown the barriers that were holding me back

I wanted to create a more positive and engaged outlook for my professional activities and personal life

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I was tired of making the same mistakes in life.  I felt life had more to offer and I couldn’t get off or change the cycle I was on.  Feelings of defeat, disheartened, unworthy were just some of the feelings weighting heavily on my heart.

My positivity, self-confidence and ability to manage anxiety and stress 

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I needed personal and career guidance and initiative to execute my goals.


I was referred to Ala for individual coaching to improve my leadership skills and enhance my coaching skills as I embark on a professional coaching certification.

I was working through a transition to a new stage in life having left an executive position and deciding if I should just retire early and enjoy life or if I should go back to work even though I had the financial ability to retire early.  Talking through the things that are most important to me and focusing on my values made this process easier.

I Came to Ala Because….

My Outcome from Coaching with Ala is…

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Ala has provided techniques to help me remain focused so that I may continue to grow my potential to perform better at work and in my personal life.

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Ala has been really great.  I developed a strategic plan for myself for the first time and I gained a lot of insight into what drives me and acceptance for who I am – uniquely me, not just me trying to meet some external standard

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Ala is the decision to make my family the true focal point of my life and ensure my actions always support that central goal. I came to the realization that I was doing the right thing by stepping away from my former career.

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Re-established healthy routines, which built confidence to achieve bigger things like a new relationship and job

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I have become more confident in my leadership and able to refine my leadership style.  I was able to uncover the essence of areas in my life where I hold bias and unlock the realization that I have all the tools and skills I need, I just need to sharpen them.

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I have learned more about myself in the six month time I spent with Ala almost more than any other time I can remember. 

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My outcome was amazing!  I feel that I am in control of my destination and my happiness.  I can recognize my saboteurs and not let them rule or ruin my life.  Aka provides so many resources for you that are so beneficial to help and guide you through your changes.

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I finally realize that I hold the key to my future.  I am a participating partner with my family and community in ways I hadn’t thought.  I certainly feel more confident and inspired to go out and live my life in love and joy each day.  I now see my mornings not as just another day to get through, but as a day filled with possibilities.

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Ala has a way of helping me put things in perspective. I have reconnected with my family, and we are now truly talking, after years of ignoring painful situations.  I have several health issues and I now understand that they have been difficult but have not prevented me from my successes in my life.  My husband has even commented that he is happier than he has been in a while.

My Outcome From Coaching with Ala is…