I Hired Ala Because

I Hired Ala Because…

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She was authentic, deeply caring, and made me feel that she was truly in my camp, working with me from where I was not from where some theory said I should be

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She already had specific skills and experience in working with people who were in transition in their careers.

 She listens, cares and understands.  

She is Relatable, & personable

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 She came highly recommended by a peer of mine.  He had spent time with Ala during the coaching program and came to value her style and ability to coach.

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I had a great friend who saw significant improvement in his business and lifestyle.

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I discovered that she will thoughtful challenge me while cultivating our relationship.  I didn’t want someone to tell me how wonderful I was, but rather challenge me to explore and evaluate alternatives for personal improvement.  She excels in this area and I am fully satisfied with her ability to help me learn about myself.

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To help give me direction.  How to take control of my life in what I was feeling, thinking and doing.  I needed help to find the “true me” again and my happiness and zest for life. I needed direction to stop making the same mistakes over and over again.

time lapse photography of waterfalls during sunset

Ala has a style of coaching that makes you feel secure.  She is a person who truly listens to people before responding to the information.  Ala quietly nudges you to keep searching within yourself to come up with an “a ha” moment where you better understand your emotions and behaviors.