My Personal Experience with Coaching is

My Personal Experience with Coaching is…

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 Ala has empathy and compassion for business and personal matters.  She helps you find ways to build yourself stronger, so you don’t see walls – you see a path to navigate.


I found that my coaching experience with Ala far exceeded my expectations. After finishing the PQ program with Ala, I felt an increase in positivity and self-confidence, and I discovered new ways to avoid and manage anxiety and stress.

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It was useful to have an unbiased person who did not have a specific point of view but rather was there to ensure that the client was able to find their core point of view and make a plan to act on it.

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My personal experience with coaching is…fast track to achieving your goals

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My personal experience with coaching is that you get out of it what you put into it.  Ala helps facilitate that process.

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Previously I had no coaching experiences. Ala has brought light and motivation towards my life and my goals.

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A relaxed environment, non-judge mental atmosphere and feelings that I was important.  I loved how Ala was able to interpret the things I was saying and provided direction/suggestions/ideas/different approaches to what I was feeling.