I Like the Following Techniques

I like the Following Techniques

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Ala would try a variety of tools and was flexible in adjusting them, even letting me run with them.  She would set impulses without forcing anything onto me.  She was an additional spark in my engine, but I was still the engine and I had to provide the fuel to keep it running.

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Ala’s active listening skills are outstanding.  I can bounce a lot of ideas out during our discussions and her ability to play back what she heard and keep me on track is terrific.  She also is very empathetic, knowing when to push me and when to listen and nurture based on the topic at hand.

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Ala uses to guide you though your change. The apps that she recommends, the visuals that help you identify your road blocks as well as the visuals that help you remove them and move forward towards your goals. She helped me remove the negative energy so that more positive energy could propel me forward which in returned gave me hope, energy, and excitement.

Ala has a variety of coaching techniques and each has helped me clarify my concerns.   I believe looking at my gremlins helped me understand my emotional barriers and my past actions.  Working with my picture of me as a child helped me love myself again.   Looking ahead helped me lose my fear of the future, and gives me the opportunity to change things I don’t like.  All of these techniques, and others, were fun yet thought provoking.  We all think we understand ourselves, but in reality we need to dig deep to truly understand what makes us unhappy or fulfilled.