Coaching Changed My Life

Coaching Changed My Life

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By realizing I am worthy of understanding.  I would appreciate others to respect my decisions, I may need to be more patient with their decisions as well.

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By giving me greater acceptance for who I am and it is o.k. to have goals different from other people.

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By making me more comfortable with my choices and not regret that I am no longer in an important executive role.

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By re-established healthy routines, which built confidence to achieve bigger things like a new relationship and job

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By having time carved out just for me to talk, explore, engage and share

By allowing me to explore, consider and evaluate various alternatives through Ala’s professional guidance.  There aren’t may people I open up to but I have full trust in Ala to help me learn and grow – she is a one of a kind coach!

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By focusing on the task and knowing I am able to accomplish anything I set my mind to.

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I now understand that I have my own set of tools and techniques to work with when I need them.  It is a daily practice but I now feel more in control. 

Coaching has changed my life in so many ways.  It gave me back my control of my mental and emotional well-being.  It challenges me to break old habits and to center myself in a much more calm and positive way. I feel stronger as an individual and much more positive.  I feel confident in myself.

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Coaching changes my life in many ways! I don’t worry as much as I used to. I am able to see the positives in situations that I couldn’t before. I am going to be able to enjoy the holidays without the sadness I had held onto.